Turning Discomfort into Determination

When you experience discomfort in situations that challenge you, you might be tempted to give up or back away. It feels like the easier path.

But the uneasiness you feel can actually help you increase your potential for growth and learning…if you face it.

The good news is you can move through the discomfort more easily when you rev up your determination instead–when you make your goal more important than any negative emotions you might experience.

Discomfort is simply a part of life and leadership.

Gayle Lantz talks about the importance of dealing with discomfort in a variety of situations to help you move forward in your life and work.

Whether you want to communicate better in awkward situations, deal with drama in the workplace or simply be more of who you really are, there is often some form of discomfort present.

Gayle shares examples from her experience working with leaders as well as her own life experience. She challenges you to set some goals that make you uncomfortable.

This episode covers:

  • The importance of staying present with uncomfortable feelings when they arise
  • Ways to keep moving through the discomfort
  • The opportunity to build determination and leadership strength
  • How to keep purpose in perspective

She also references previous episodes that featured guests who have insights to share on the topic.


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