How To Communicate With Confidence Even When Nerves Kick In

Good communication skills are critical for any leader who wants to be most effective in their role.

And those leaders who are most successful understand that developing communication skills is an ongoing practice even for experienced executives.

But today’s times are requiring that we communicate in new and different ways. Many leaders admit they are nervous and are trying to adapt.

Public speaking is still a common fear for most people.

This episode is especially relevant for leaders who want to increase their confidence when communicating or simply improve their communications skills.

It features an interview with guest expert, Deborah Boswell (, a communication consultant and coach specializing in helping corporate executives, managers and technical experts communicate their expertise in a clear, confident and professional manner. She is author of Become a Confident Business Communicator.

This episode covers:

  • The truth about why people lack confidence when speaking
  • How to give and receive difficult feedback
  • The importance of continual practice and learning
  • Helpful tips on how to improve communication skills


Become a Confident Business Communicator, By Deborah Boswell 

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