Executive Coaching and Consulting

"Gayle is an extraordinary executive coach! She is an exceptional listener and is spot on with advice on how to handle and advance your career and goals. I highly recommend Gayle's executive coaching… Working with Gayle has been a priceless experience."--Jeff Windham, JD, CFE General Counsel / Senior Forensic Analyst

Gayle’s executive coaching and consulting services provide a custom-tailored approach to help leaders like you meet your specific goals for personal and professional growth.

Whether you’re leading a team, division, small business, or large corporation, Gayle can help you build on your strengths to achieve what’s most important to you and your organization.

How Gayle Can Work With You

Executive coaching with Gayle begins with your most important objectives in mind and a true understanding of the responsibilities your leadership role demands of you.

Gayle will focus on both the strategic and tactical issues that you face in whatever area of growth is critical for you at this point in your career.  Common coaching areas include individual leadership development, executive career growth, refining communication and presentation skills, and overall strengthening of problem-solving strategies.

Your executive coaching program will be customized to meet your scheduling demands, taking place over the phone (or in person if desired) and typically running a minimum of six months so that true progress can be made on what’s important to you.

What Makes For The Best Client-Coach Fit

The best candidates for executive coaching tend to have the following personal and professional attitudes:

  • A strong commitment to personal development
  • A desire to sharpen focus on true priorities
  • A willingness to explore and change existing perspectives in order to open up new possibilities
  • A results-oriented mindset that values accountability
  • A willingness to discuss sensitive issues (the “real” problems) in an environment of confidentiality and safety
  • An appreciation of the value of a thinking partner, collaborator and sounding board

How To Get In Touch To Discuss Your Needs

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about the executive coaching and consulting services Gayle can provide, click here to contact her today.

"Gayle brings a prolific creativity combined with an experience base of lessons learned that allows new executives to accelerate their learning and to achieve early, positive impacts on their organizations.  She is like having the combined Fortune 500 CEO mentorship library rolled into one person.  She continues to be a valued member of the NASA leadership team and is instrumental in achieving the results for America’s human space exploration program."-- Tom Williams Manager, Propulsion Systems Department NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center

"Gayle is a great energizer, and asks all the right questions. Engaging with her work is a great way of making the best of your working life." -- John Lees, Author, How to Get a Job You'll Love (McGraw - Hill), United Kingdom

"Gayle helped me look at my goals, prioritize and find a balance between my work and personal life. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have challenged myself to say, 'This is what I want to do." --  William Nicrosi, President - Arlington Partners

"Gayle has an amazing ability to be very 'present' when you're engaged in conversation with her. She can translate a wealth of experience into extremely relevant business guidance." -- Tom Breur, Principal, XLNT Consulting, the Netherlands