Leadership Authenticity: Using Your Full Brain Power to Unlock Human Potential

Much of what leaders have been taught may be working against them–and they don’t even realize it.

For example, “CEO warriors” work hard and fight tough battles to pursue their goals. They believe you’ve got to work hard to win.

But what if you didn’t really have to work so hard?

Leaders who lead with authenticity lead with more ease and get better results. They go beyond the “thinking mind” to leverage their full capacity.

Leading is not simply about “doing,” it requires understanding who the leader is as human being–how they view themselves and the world around them.

Gayle Lantz speaks with Amy Levin and Amanda Sanders, founders of Authentic CEO. With their breakthrough Growth Catalyst Framework, they maximize founder and team growth potential to activate rapid business growth for companies. Through neuroscience and quantum physics, they are changing the way business is done.

Amanda Sanders –is a 10xentrepreneur with a dynamic journey. Mechanical Engineer by degree, award-winning Enterprise Software Executive by trade, and Human Potential Activator by passion. She has made more than one unicorn company from the inside, and now is on the outside forging a path to help companies activate their core potential to grow and succeed with maximum impact. She’s worked with Apple, Dell, Visa, Wells Fargo, Zynga, Yahoo!, Verizon, AT&T, Southwest, Honda, and many other widely known brands.

Amy Levin- began her career as an open-heart nurse along with a degree in public health policy and a background in health and wellness. She developed a passion for team collaboration and personal development, which provided her the opportunity to help open a multi-specialty surgery center which became of the largest in Indiana and repeatedly ranked #1 in the state.

Their understanding of quantum physics and neuroscience created the foundation from which Amy and Amanda guide leaders and their teams to unlock and live their highest human


Amy and Amanda are also co-founders of Wai Mohala  Ventures, a VC Fund that is changing the fundamentals of investing. They are also part of the FourthWave Accelerator coaching team for high potential female tech entrepreneurs.

This episode covers:

  • The value of leadership authenticity
  • Neuroscience concepts that apply to human potential
  • The importance of play and seeing through the eyes of a child
  • The danger of “monocropping” your business and what to do instead


Authentic CEO: https://authentic.ceo/

contact: authentic@authentic.ceo

FourthWave: https://www.fourthwave.io/

Wai Mohala Ventures contact Amanda Sanders at Amanda@waimohala.com

or Amy Levin at amy@waimohala.com

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