How to Break Down Silos to Build Collaboration

Silos are common in the workplace, but they can create big problems impacting productivity, innovation and employee morale.

Leaders who proactively address silos will help their teams get better results and move toward the new future where cross-functional teams will dominate. But leaders need to act quickly to achieve better results and gain a competitive edge.

The hierarchical leadership model is fading as organizations discover new ways to engage teams in the new hybrid world of work.

Gayle Lantz shares insights about different kinds of silos that may exist in your organization.

She offers actionable ideas to help leaders break down silos in any industry.

This episode is helpful to any leader who wants to build a culture of collaboration and communication throughout the organization.

This episode covers:

  • Problems that team or department silos create
  • Warning signs to identify silos in your organization
  • Typical examples of silos to bridge
  • Ways to break down silos at work
  • Suggested initial actions to take to break down silos

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