Experiencing Loneliness and Isolation at the Top

Loneliness has been considered an epidemic even before the global pandemic. And even with people getting back to work and becoming more social, many are still experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Senior executives are no exception. They face unique challenges and more isolation given the nature of their roles.

It can be more difficult to find people to trust. The pressure can be overwhelming at times.

But leaders can reduce personal loneliness over time and be a positive influence for other people at work who experience loneliness.

Loneliness is an important issue to address because of the negative impact it has on mental health and physical health. Loneliness can negatively impact the business as well since people who are lonely are more likely to quit their jobs.

Gayle Lantz talks about the importance of raising awareness about loneliness and shares insights based on her personal experience and work with executive clients. She challenges listeners to resist defaulting to “old ways of working “ and to consider new and better ways to engage people at work.

This episode covers:

  • The importance of understanding the impact of loneliness
  • Interesting statistics about loneliness in different countries and populations
  • The prevalence of loneliness at work
  • What leaders can do to reduce personal loneliness and be a positive influence

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