How to Respond When You’re Caught Off Guard

Being in a leadership role means you’re “in charge,” but it doesn’t always mean you’re in control. Sometimes leaders are caught off guard, blindsided or undermined. It happens when they  receive unexpected news. Maybe someone they trusted betrayed them. Or someone on their team leaves suddenly. Or decisions are made behind their back. Often corporate politics are at play. The experience can be frustrating, humiliating and demoralizing. And it can take some time to recover. But there is opportunity for learning and growth if leaders choose to look for it. Gayle Lantz shares insights about how to deal with the unexpected and uncomfortable. She offers actionable ideas to help leaders respond internally and externally. This episode covers:
  • Examples of problems that leaders experience related to unexpected changes
  • Tips for responding effectively to difficult situations that catch you by surprise
  • Helpful questions to ask in the heat of the moment to gain perspective
  • The importance of looking for the opportunity
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