Anticipating the Next Wave that Can Disrupt Your Business

Smart leaders are trying to help their organizations determine how to disrupt while being prepared to be disrupted themselves.

Will the next wave sink your ship–or will you CHOOSE to profit from it?

That’s the question that Jonathan Brill is asking. Jonathan is a renowned expert on resilient growth and decision making under uncertainty. He is author of the new book, Rogue Waves.

Gayle Lantz speaks with Jonathan about what to consider in preparing for the next rogue wave.

He argues that your biggest threat isn’t your buyer, supplier or competitor. It’s rogue waves that can wash away your industry in an instant.

Rogue waves are occurring in business more frequently since small, manageable waves are colliding more often as the world gets more connected and moves faster.

Jonathan Brill has experience as the global futurist at Hewlett Packard and is managing director of Resilient Growth Partners where he advises globally on resilient growth strategy and product innovation to clients like Samsung, Microsoft and Verizon.

This episode is helpful to any leader who wants to future-proof their business and profit from radical change.

This episode covers:

  • The ABCs of Resilient Growth (Awareness, Behavior Change, Culture Change)
  • Important questions to ask to find or create new opportunities
  • Key changes that are coming that leaders need to anticipate
  • What keeps leaders from focusing on the future

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