Boost Your Learning Now to Get Ahead in Your Work and Life

Great leaders are life-long learners. And they’re good at inspiring other people to learn as well.

But often daily demands in the business get in the way.

Gayle Lantz talks about the importance of prioritizing learning, even with so many competing forces working against you.

The best leaders invest in themselves and their own learning.

Ideally learning should be an integral part of how you live your life.

With so many different ways to learn, there is more opportunity than ever to improve your leadership skills and knowledge of industry trends to increase your impact.

This episode covers:

  • Different ways leaders can learn and develop
  • How to identify leadership skills to improve or strengthen
  • What they don’t teach you in business school
  • The role of leader in inspiring other people to be life-long learners

Gayle Lantz also mentions her participation in “4 Days to Save the World” — a bold new reality docu-series (TV show) airing in fall of 2021. She is part of a team working on a big mission: Reinventing the Educational System.

The 4 Days to Save the World Series is expected to be distributed on H2H, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, Amazon, Google Play.

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