The Leadership Skill You Need Most Right Now

The best leaders put a high priority on their own leadership development. And there are many resources for leaders who are especially motivated to take charge of their own learning and growth.

Almost any kind of effective leadership development program will include training or coaching on essential leadership skills like communication skills, presentation skills, problem solving skills or decision-making skills.

But one leadership skill that is often overlooked and untapped is imagination.

The need to exercise your imagination is even greater given the change we’ve experienced through the pandemic. Leaders need to think and lead in new ways.

You have to reimagine a new future and new ways to move forward and achieve your mission. A strong imagination fuels your big vision.

Gayle shares tips on what you can do to cultivate your imagination.

The benefits of exercising your imagination apply whether you’re trying to think through what’s next in your business or your life.

She also shares thoughts on her upcoming participation in a bold new reality docu-series called “The Social Movement” where her own imagination skills will be put to the test.

This episode covers:

• Why imagination is critical now
• Forces that keep you from using your imagination
• Tips for cultivating your imagination
• The value of applying imagination in groups and teams
• The importance of using your imagination to envision a new future for yourself

The Social Movement TV Show Trailer

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