Smart Teamwork Lessons from 4 Days to Save the World

4 Days to Save the World is a bold new reality docu-series that brings together CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world to solve impossible world problems.

Examples of world problems include:

  • Reinvent the educational system
  • End suicide
  • Conquer cancer
  • Stop a pandemic
  • End racism
  • End hunger
  • End homelessness
  • Stop cyberbullying
  • Women empowerment
  • Climate change

The series visionary creator is Chris LaVoie, Founder of LaVoie Entertainment and Red Knights Studios.

Gayle Lantz, Founder and CEO of WorkMatters, Inc., is a participant in Season 2* which was filmed in Miami Beach, Florida.

She worked as part of a diverse team of brilliant thinkers and passionate problem-solvers to help engineer a solution to a major social issue–in just four days.

Gayle shares insights based on her experience working under pressure with her team, and offers suggestions on how leaders can apply those lessons in their own organizations.

This episode covers:

  • Nine key teamwork success factors that apply to any team with big goals
  • Prompting questions to improve teamwork
  • An exercise to anchor your mission
  • What you can do on a personal level to prepare for your mission

NOTE:  4 Days to Save the World Series will be released on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, H2H, Roku, Xbox, Vudu, Google Play.

Season 1 releases Labor Day 2021 *Season 2 will be released on Earth Day 2022


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