Helping Your Team Create and Innovate Together in the New Paradigm

Creative thinking within a diverse and inclusive environment is a top skill requested by senior executives and Fortune 500 Corporations. Diversity fuels good ideation.

Not surprisingly, many organizations aspire to build cultures that are diverse and inclusive.

They understand the positive impact of a diverse and inclusive culture on people and profits.

Leaders in these organizations are committed to thinking and engaging people in new ways—ultimately generating better ideas to compete in the “new world of work.”

But sometimes their personal efforts or DEI initiatives fall short.

This episode features an interview with guest expert, Genein Letford, Founder and CEO of Caffe Strategies

CAFFE Strategies offers unique intercultural creative thinking programs to develop the skills people need to work, create and innovate together. Trainings integrate developing intercultural competence for individual and organizational success.

Specific trainings include topics such as: unconscious bias, microagressions, leadership perspective shifting and increasing cultural curiosity.

This episode covers:

  • The concept of “intercultural creativity®” including a framework comprised of “7 Gems”
  • Misunderstandings about creativity in the context of leadership
  • Why to keep your head in the clouds
  • The value of perspective shifting for leaders
  • Ideas for metaphorical thinking
  • The power of a growth mindset


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