Mastering the Art of Acknowledgment – Making Sure Your Team is Seen and Supported

We all have days when our inspiration tanks seem to be running on empty. But you may be closer to reigniting your team’s passion than you think.

People want to be seen. And one of the best ways to help them feel that way is by acknowledging them by name. Gayle Lantz shares the experience of watching her son run the New York City marathon for the second time. This year he ran wearing a t-shirt with his first name on it so people could cheer him on. It made all the difference.

It’s a simple leadership tip as well. People like to hear the sound of their name, so leaders can make extra effort to acknowledge people by name, being sure to pronounce their name correctly. 

Gayle Lantz shares ways leaders can help team members feel more seen and supported in the workplace. One of the best ways is by giving them more opportunities for exposure. It could be possibilities to speak at an event, take the lead on a project or report back after a conference they attend.

Expand exposure across the organization. This strategy not only broadens their understanding of the business but also facilitates relationship-building and career development. A win-win for all.

Some people shun the spotlight. They can be more hidden in the workplace, so you might have to work a little harder to draw them out. Let them know they are seen and supported.

A few examples include:

  • Older workers who may feel less relevant or find it more difficult to move through change.
  • People dealing with grief/trauma. They may retreat from others or isolate themselves. Check in on them more regularly. 
  • People who are part of a big team. They may feel anonymous.
  • Independent contributors who tend to work alone. They may be more isolated.
  • Support staff who operate more behind-the-scenes.

Consider what you or your leadership team can do in your organization to help people feel more seen and acknowledged. It will help them and your organization.

This episode covers:

  • Tips to help team members feel acknowledged
  • Ways to support “hidden employees”
  • Gaining energy for yourself in the home stretch

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