Running in Rome and Out of the Ordinary

Leaders who want to achieve the extraordinary do things out of the ordinary. It requires taking risks and following your instincts.

Gayle Lantz shares leadership lessons inspired by her son’s recent experience running the Rome Marathon. It was a completely new experience based on his impulse to explore somewhere amazing he had never been with people he had never met. 

Sometimes you’ve got to stop pushing so hard and simply open up to new experiences. Let everyone you meet be a teacher.

When you feel stuck or bottlenecked, decide if you want to push forward or find a new path.

Growth-oriented leaders will do what’s necessary to grow themselves and their organizations no matter what.

In your “Now what?” moments, find the clarity and determination to move toward what feels right to you. 

This episode covers:

  • Five leadership lessons and actions for growth-oriented leaders 
    • Follow your instincts (even when they may not be logical)
    • Try a new path or approach
    • Connect more
    • Learn from others
    • Do something out of the norm to expand possibilities
  • Answering the “Now what?” question
  • The risk of playing it “safe”
  • Making the most of your leadership journey


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