Strategic Unloading: What to Take Off Your Plate at the Leadership Buffet

We all face decisions about what to put on our plate and what to avoid in leadership and life. But are you making choices consciously or just going through the motions? 

In this thought-provoking episode, Gayle Lantz uses the metaphor of a leadership buffet to get you thinking differently about what you’re taking on and what you need to remove.

She addresses common questions leaders grapple with and cautions against defaulting to certain “dishes” like micromanaging or perfectionism that will weigh you down unnecessarily.

You’ll come away with a fresh perspective on assessing what does and doesn’t belong on your plate right now. Lantz also shares her recipe for the essential ingredients leaders need on their plate to nourish themselves and their teams. 

So get ready to approach your leadership buffet with more conscious intention. Discover what new insights this episode offers to lighten your leadership load and empower you to savor greater fulfillment.

This episode covers:

  • What to put on your leadership plate
  • What to take off your leadership plate
  • The impact of your beliefs including specific examples that help or hurt you

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