NYC Marathon Moments That Matter

Leaders often feel like they are running a marathon. Even if they are not running physically, their minds are running all the time.

They feel pressure to take the lead–to move fast and keep going even when they feel exhausted and conditions are difficult.

But if leaders can see their role differently, they can lead more effectively.

Gayle Lantz shares her recent experience at the New York City Marathon, drawing leadership analogies and insights. Her son ran the race with over 50,000 other runners.

She describes her encounter with “The Wade Twins” — mission-driven marathoners from London who ran seven marathons in seven days to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

This episode covers:

  • The importance of playing a support role as leader as opposed to being “the winner”
  • Understanding and amplifying what employees care about
  • The value of galvanizing other people to create mutual support
  • Expecting to be inspired through people you meet


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