Boss Burnout: Making Well-Being a Top Priority

Almost 70% of C-suite executives say they are seriously considering quitting for their well-being. 

This is based on a new report from Deloitte and market research firm, Workplace Intelligence.

The topic of workforce burnout continues to make headlines. Both workers and executives are affected, and they’re placing a higher priority on well-being.

But there is a big gap in perception. Executives significantly overestimate how well employees are doing. 

And C-suite executives are struggling with burnout more than employees realize. 

Gayle Lantz shares her perspective on burnout, including why leaders and companies should pay attention to this issue.

This episode covers:

  • Statistics based on recent research by Deloitte and market research firm, Workplace Intelligence
  • Four kinds of well-being: Physical well-being, mental well-being, social well-being, financial well-being
  • The downside of blaming “work” as the issue
  • The importance of being transparent about mental health and well-being in a leadership role
  • The need for companies to create a culture of well-being
  • A call to action for purpose-driven leaders who want to beat burnout to make a positive impact


The C-suite’s role in well-being – Deloitte Insights

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