How to Get Your Priorities Straight

Your ability to prioritize is one of the most important keys to your success as a leader. Prioritizing well also helps you live your best life.

But many people lose sight of priorities, or they don’t know how to determine what their priorities truly are in the first place.

Gayle Lantz offers an approach to prioritizing using a “prioritizing grid.” She explains how to use the prioritizing grid and shares examples of different applications for it.

This is a timely episode for people who are rethinking goals or trying to respond well to change. Or for those people who simply feel overwhelmed.

It builds on the previous episode called, “Time for Your Midyear Reset.”

This episode covers:

  • How to use the prioritizing grid*
  • The benefit of using the prioritizing grid for yourself and for other people (e.g., team members, family)
  • Three reasons people have trouble prioritizing 
  • The importance of taking time to prioritize well in a leadership role

*Free downloadable resource available at


[] Downloadable resource

Previous Episode:

Time for Your Midyear Reset

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