Asking the Important Questions

Leaders have to ask a lot of questions. And under pressure, they may not ask the best questions.

But the words you choose and language you use have a significant effect on how you influence the conversation and other people. 

Gayle Lantz shares ideas on how to ask questions that help you and your team think differently to get better results. She says, “The quality of your questions determines your success.”

Gayle shares personal insights inspired by her experience at the recent National Speakers Association convention–including a few highlights to help leaders consider the kinds of questions they need to ask.

Asking questions is a fateful act. 

Whether you want to inspire your team to build on success or you want to help them learn from failures, asking important questions is key. She challenges leaders to determine the kinds of questions they should be asking now. 

This episode covers:

  • Why leaders should ask the important questions 
  • Insights from mainstage speakers at the event (including Peter Katz, Canadian singer-songwriter and Michael Ciannilli – NASA Program Director) 
  • Examples of important questions leaders can ask
  • The role of core values 
  • A potential question creation exercise for leaders to try with their teams


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Peter Katz (Come Down)

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