Time for Your Midyear Reset

Many leaders feel the pressure to move more quickly. The pace seems faster. People are out and about, traveling more, going places.

At the same time, stress is increasing with the great resignation, supply chain problems and employee mental health issues–anxiety, depression. Burnout is real, happening at all levels.

So Gayle Lantz encourages leaders to do some kind of “midyear reset”–with their teams and themselves–not simply to make course corrections, but for their own personal well-being.

She offers Midyear Reset questions for leaders to help them reflect, recommit or reprioritize their goals.

Leaders must make time to reflect on their accomplishments and lessons learned. They also need to tune into what really matters to them.

As Gayle Lantz says, “Leaders need time to unplug and plug back in to get a fresh signal.”

This episode covers:

  • Prompts to help leaders do their midyear reset*
  • The reality of fast and continuous change
  • Different ways to assess “accomplishments” (external vs. internal)
  • Eliminating judgment – Not being so hard on yourself if you seem to be off track
  • The idea that how you feel is as important as what you do

*Free downloadable resource with 10 questions is available at workmatters.com/reset

Summer is a good time to reflect. View yourself, your team and organization through a different lens. Let the reset begin!


Downloadable resource: WorkMatters.com/Reset

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