Using Hard Trends to Accelerate Growth

Anticipating the future can seem impossible, unless you know what to look for.

And it’s even more challenging when you feel like you’ve got to manage the crisis of the day.

But smart CEOs and executives are figuring it out. They’re looking at hard trends and leveraging the power of certainty to transform their organizations more quickly.

In this episode, Gayle Lantz speaks with Daniel Burrus—a leading futurist, strategic advisor and disruptive innovation expert.

Daniel Burrus is considered one of the World’s Leading Futurist Speakers on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation.  He is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 500 companies helping them to develop game-changing strategies based on his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations and their future impact.

Daniel is the author of seven books, including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller Flash Foresight, as well as the international best-seller Technotrends. His latest book is *The* Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change Into Opportunity and Advantage

They discuss why agility alone is not enough to accelerate growth and what kinds of hard trends to consider in strategic planning.

This episode is especially relevant for any CEO or leader who wants to be a positive disruptor as opposed to being disrupted.

The conversation will resonate with leaders who want to move themselves and their organizations from success to significance.

This episode covers:

  • The difference between change and transformation
  • The difference between hard trends and soft trends
  • The need for new and inclusive approaches to strategic planning
  • A three-year prediction related to every process
  • One suggested starting place for creating transformation


Daniel Burrus’ Top 25 Technology-Driven Hard Trends Shaping the Future 

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