How to Stop Overanalyzing to Make Better Faster Decisions More Confidently

If you’re struggling to make decisions, you don’t always need more data. You need to trust your ability as a leader to make smart decisions. And to do that more quickly.

Today’s times call for faster decision-making. Otherwise you’ll be left behind.

This episode offers insights on what teams and leaders can do to overcome analysis paralysis.

Gayle shares reasons why teams and individual leaders feel stuck, and possible solutions for moving forward more easily.

The conversation will resonate with leaders who are analytical and/or who work with analytical types, as well as any leader facing a difficult decision that’s holding them back.

This episode covers:

  • Reasons that some teams and leaders get stuck in analysis paralysis
  • Solutions for overcoming common “overthinking” challenges
  • Tips for leaders who have to make a difficult decision.
  • A take-action leadership challenge


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