The Secret to Self-Kindness When Times Are Tough

Leaders have to deal with personal loss just like anyone else. When it happens, it can feel like their world is falling part, and there’s extra pressure to try to “hold it together.”

But suppressing emotion and trying to do business as usual can be detrimental to themselves and other people in their life and work.

Gayle Lantz shares her own recent personal experience, and offers guidance on what leaders can think and do when they experience tough times by practicing more self-kindness.

One key is changing any expectation that you should move through the grief process quickly. 

She acknowledges that leaders are often taught how to develop leadership skills, develop strategy and build their teams, but they are not often taught how to deal with some of the most difficult emotions that most leaders experience.

Grief offers opportunities for growth and expansion when you’re willing to be on the journey of self-discovery. Giving yourself more love in the process allows you to give more to others.

This episode covers:

  • Helpful thoughts to keep in mind when you experience loss or grief (“I am making progress…” “Grief leads to growth.” “I’m not the only one experiencing this.”)
  • Specific actions to take when you experience loss or grief (Slow and flow. Create more space. Move your body.)
  • An overview of the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • The importance of allowing difficult emotions and expecting incremental change related to your emotional state

This episode is especially appropriate for anyone who has recently experienced a painful loss of a loved one or pet.


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