Dealing with Disappointment: The Human Side of Leadership

There are many books, articles and advice on what it takes to win in business. And on what it takes to be a winning leader. It’s exciting to talk about winning.

But the truth is leaders experience a lot of disappointment as well. They don’t talk about it as much, at least not openly.

It’s easy to get trapped in disappointment, replaying scenarios that amplify the negative feeling. Leaders, like other human beings, find it hard to “let it go.”

When they can’t shake disappointment, it negatively affects their work and life in general.

So in this episode, Gayle Lantz shares five ways to ease disappointment and recover more quickly–whether you’re disappointed with yourself or someone or something else. 

As a leader, there will inevitably be times when someone will let you down. You’ll be unfairly blamed for something. You may be betrayed, lose trust in someone. An experience will turn out to be very different from what you were hoping or expecting. Your hard work may not pay off in the way you had hoped, wanted or expected.

Just like Charlie Brown, someone will yank that football just when you’re ready to kick!

Dealing with disappointment is a skill that improves with practice and self-awareness. By implementing these strategies and adapting them to your unique circumstances, you can develop resilience. You can better navigate life’s disappointments, grow yourself as a leader and as a human being.

This episode covers:

  • Five ways to ease disappointment and recover more quickly
    • Allow the feeling of disappointment
    • Get specific about the real emotion (e.g., anger, resentment, etc.)
    • Resist casting blame
    • Find the learning
    • Choose your response
  • The importance of staying present–not replaying the past
  • The inevitability of disappointment in leadership and life 
  • Cultivating courage to deal with disappointment

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