The ROI of LOL with June Cline

Many executives are dealing with staffing challenges, leadership changes, financial/budget issues, sensitive team dynamics and corporate politics. At the same time, many are battling personal and employee burnout.

Sometimes the problems you face seem insurmountable. 

But creating more laughter in your workplace can help make a positive impact. And you don’t have to be a standup comedian to master the skill.

During heavy times, leaders can bring more lightness by strategically using humor.

Gayle Lantz interviews humor expert, June Cline, on how to apply humor to complex situations to earn more recognition, respect and reward. She is a professional speaker, coach and consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia.

June has been quoted in Harvard Management Communication Letter, Health Industry Executive, Competitive Edge, and Gannet News Services syndicated columns.

June believes humor is the most overlooked and underutilized skill that professional leaders and executives can develop to strengthen their careers, boost charisma, and increase cash flow.

More major companies are discovering the power of laughter in the workplace.

Research shows the benefits of laughter to create more happiness in your life.

This episode covers: 

  • Using humor to build connection, foster collaboration and increase cash flow.  
  • How to determine your humor style and comedic culture using a proprietary humor quiz.
  • Why you need to go APE
  • The importance of poking fun at yourself and finding the humor in everyday life

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