Building Strength and Speed to Win Your Game

When it comes to leading, you’ve got to have strength and speed to lead at your best.

So do the best athletes.

This year is an Olympic year and May is mental health month, so this episode explores what it takes to develop elite athletes and high performing leaders—physically and mentally. They have much in common.

Gayle Lantz interviews Jude Massillon, a sports performance coach for elite athletes like top NFL players, Olympic athletes and other pro athletes.

Although Jude speaks about his experience coaching elite athletes, he’s really sharing insights that apply to leaders who are serious about winning their own game.

He also offers smart advice for anyone who simply wants to get moving and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Jude is also an entrepreneur who launched a product to help athletes stay hydrated and healthy. His business is Energice

This episode covers:

  • One key characteristic elite athletes have in common
  • The correlation between strength and speed
  • The importance of acknowledging weaknesses to minimize them
  • Why it’s okay to have a “bad day”
  • Finding additional resources when coaching alone is not enough
  • How to keep your mindset strong



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