Sleighing Fraud- Essential Tips for Executives During the Holiday Season

Fraud is an ever-present threat to businesses, especially during the holiday season when there are more distractions. Unfortunately, fraud does not discriminate based on company size or longevity in business.  

Gayle Lantz interviews Jeff Taylor, an expert in fraud forensics, to uncover the alarming realities all executives need to know. As Jeff explains, fraud is highly organized crime that is extremely prevalent globally. Over 60% of surveyed companies have been victims of fraud, especially business email compromise.

This episode reveals the industries most frequently targeted and the three key practices Jeff encourages to guard your organization. He also provides crucial tips to combat fraud during the holidays when businesses tend to be most vulnerable.  

The stakes are high, but this insightful discussion will ensure you celebrate the holidays instead of fraudsters stealing your holiday cheer!

This episode covers:

  • What CEOs and business owners should be most concerned about regarding fraud
  • Industries most likely to be targeted
  • Three most repeated industry suggested practices to prevent fraud
  • Specific types of holiday threats
  • The most important practice that should be implemented in every organization


Additional resources related to content in this episode – Creating Fraud Awareness (See pdf)

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