Addressing the Secret Concerns of a Leader

Leaders have a lot of serious concerns, and they don’t share them publicly. The issues vary widely, but their concerns typically have a common element: people.

Gayle Lantz shares her experience working behind the scenes with CEOs and senior executives for over 20 years, revealing the secret fears and concerns they face. By far “people issues” are the ones that consume executives the most.

Even just one toxic employee can create a negative ripple effect that makes leading more challenging, and at times, seemingly impossible. The negative impact often lingers too long.

She offers insights on how leaders can deal with some of their biggest concerns. The concerns many leaders face are more universal than they often realize.

As an interesting experiment, Gayle integrated content produced using CHAT GPT as it relates to leadership concerns.

Concerns are prompts for action. As Gayle says, “Name it and claim it.” Don’t let concerns, doubt or worry keep you stuck, or worse, take you down. Take control.

This episode covers:

  • Typical concerns leaders are known to have in the areas of:
    • Vision and Strategy
    • Talent Management
    • Risk Management
    • Change Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Ethical and Social Responsibility
    • Innovation and Creativity
  • The secret or real concerns leaders face
  • How to deal with concerns more easily


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