Reinventing Yourself by Thinking Out-of-the-Box with Harvey Castro MD

Many people want to make a change in their life, business or career, but lack the courage to make it happen. And the thought of reinventing themselves sounds too difficult.

But it is possible when you understand what it really takes to make it happen.

In this episode, Gayle Lantz speaks with Dr. Harvey Castro, an emergency room physician, visionary healthcare leader and experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about balancing innovative healthcare approaches with individualized patient care.

Dr. Castro is author of Success Reinvention available on Amazon (in English, Spanish and Portuguese). He shares ways to break through some of the most difficult obstacles and setbacks in life to invent and reinvent yourself at every stage of your life.

Listeners will be inspired to make needed change in their life or work to achieve what they really want.

This episode covers:

  • How to begin reinventing yourself
  • The importance of out-of-the-box thinking
  • Advice for people who are considering change or reinvention
  • Available resources for personal or business reinvention

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