Leading Your Own Way in Today’s Times

Stress at work is extremely high. Leaders are under greater pressure to steady the ship in rough waters.

But first they must steady themselves while finding new ways to lead in a changing environment.

The process starts by looking within as opposed to depending on conditions outside yourself to be in your favor.

Leadership reinvention is needed to be most effective in the new paradigm of work. Traditional approaches to leadership are fading.

Today’s leaders have the opportunity to lead differently–being more of who they really are, resisting pressure to show up in ways that may have felt inauthentic in the past.

Employees crave authenticity from their leaders. Being real is in.

In this episode, Gayle Lantz shares perspective to consider for leaders who want to lead most effectively–especially under stress. It starts by understanding who you are and why you lead the way you do.

She encourages listeners to challenge their thinking about themselves, honor their personal values and use stress as a catalyst to become even better as a leader.

Now is the time for leaders to increase their impact by leading in new ways to achieve what they truly care about.

This episode covers:

  • How to understand who you really are as a leader
  • Factors that influence how people think about leadership
  • What employees want from their manager
  • How to know if you are leading authentically

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