Reducing Leadership Stress During COVID Times

Being in a leadership role can be stressful under “normal” circumstances, but leading during COVID times is especially challenging.

COVID is wearing out leaders in more ways than one. Many leaders struggle to make best decisions under difficult circumstances while putting extra pressure on themselves to get outcomes that may not be realistic considering pandemic concerns.

Gayle Lantz offers insights on what leaders can do to make leading less stressful when they experience the pain of unexpected events, constant changes, extreme difficulties and disruptions at work.

Creating a positive expectation about being able to deal with negative experiences is one key.

Inspired by her recent trip to the emergency dental clinic, she emphasized the importance of staying optimistic and finding hope in the midst of pain — something leaders can do for those they lead.

This episode covers:

  • Why what you’re really worried about may not be what you think
  • How to build emotional capacity to deal effectively with whatever happens
  • How to support team members who are “freaking out”
  • Preparing your team on how to handle the unexpected
  • Ways to stay productive by taking small reasonable steps


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