Making an Impact That Can Change the World with Martha Krejci

Surveys show that over 20 million Americans plan to resign in the next two months. 23% of employed Americans plan to quit their job in the next 12 months. (New CareerArc/Harris Poll Study)

Employee disengagement is high and employee burnout is in the news.

But what’s really driving “The Great Resignation” isn’t necessarily employee dissatisfaction.

Instead “The Great Resignation” reflects people’s desire to do more purposeful work that aligns with their values. They care about making a positive impact–doing work that matters.

Gayle Lantz speaks with Martha Krejci about “The Great Resignation” and the opportunities for people who want to create multiple income streams from home.

Martha Krejci is known as “a high-vibin’ mama, wife, business coach, growth strategist and social media marketing powerhouse who’s taken the internet by storm.” She has been  featured in Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, and Huffington Post among other media.

Martha’s intuitive marketing expertise helped her make her first million in less than a year using a strategy she teaches openly through courses, group coaching and other resources. From finding your passion to building a business that works, she teaches it all.

Martha shares leadership insights about the world-changing work people can do when focused on the impact they want to make.

Martha’s book is The Home-Based Revolution: Create Multiple income Streams from Home. Readers learn how to build a home-based business that works for them, their family and their lifestyle.

This episode covers:

  • How to bring out the brilliance in your team though Impact-focused leadership
  • What’s really driving “The Great Resignation”
  • Practical tips for creating business success in the New Year
  • The secret to optimizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Making decisions that align with your personal values


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The Home-Based Revolution: Create Multiple Income Streams From Home 

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