Build Your Leadership Bench Strength Now

Now more than ever, organizations are at risk of losing talent unexpectedly, so building leadership bench strength is even more important.

But while many organizations acknowledge the importance of developing leaders, many are falling short. Traditional leadership development approaches do not adequately prepare leaders for today’s unprecedented challenges (or those in the future).

Gayle Lantz shares thoughts on what to consider when anticipating future leadership talent needs and helping leaders develop.

As an advisory board member, she cites findings from a recent survey:

“The State of Internal Mobility, Career Development and Succession Management 2021.”

Two of the most cited hindrances to internal mobility are:

  • Managers who are not encouraging movement within the organization
  • A lack of positions to move employees into

This episode is especially relevant for organizations doing succession planning. Gayle offers useful ideas for executives who want to create better continuity for those leaders who transition into higher level roles.

Building leadership bench strength serves not just the organization, but those people who are given opportunities to prepare now for what’s to come.

This episode covers:

  • The importance of envisioning future needs and roles
  • research
  • The multifaceted nature of people – Why assessing behavioral style alone is not enough, especially when evaluating leadership roles.
  • 5 key elements to consider in leadership development and succession planning, including smart questions to ask.


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HR.comThe State of Internal Mobility, Career Development and Succession Management 2021  (Special Report by HR Research Institute)

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