NASA Leadership Lessons Learned with Mike Ciannilli

As you start the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on what you’ve learned from your failures and successes.

It’s even better when you can benefit by understanding lessons learned from an organization like NASA. 

Gayle Lantz interviews Michael Ciannilli, NASA Program Manager: Apollo, Challenger, Columbia, Lessons Learned Program. 

Mike Ciannilli develops innovative activities to powerfully enshrine the lessons of failure to influence future success. Previously Mike served as NASA Test Director for the Space Shuttle Program leading the entire team through launch countdown activities and overseeing space shuttle orbiters and ground support systems. He has been with NASA for almost 18 years. 

Mike and Gayle talk about learning from failures from a leadership perspective. 

Lessons learned at NASA apply to leaders beyond the aerospace industry and can benefit leaders in many different industries (e.g., medical, transportation, sports). The lessons are available to the public and serve as a valuable resource for CEOs and other leaders who want to learn through NASA’s experience.

This episode covers:

  • How leaders and organizations can create a culture where learning from failure is valued and encouraged
  • What leaders can do when they experience failure
  • How to deal with the emotional impact of failure
  • The importance of getting out of the “CEO bubble”
  • How to capture stories that matter

Leaders will be inspired to capture key lessons learned with their teams and apply their learnings to achieve their most critical missions.


NASA Edge: Apollo, Challenger, Columbia, Lessons Learned Program

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