How to Restart Strong When You Feel Stalled

The New Year is a time of year when many leaders feel pressure to start strong and get their teams fired up.

But the truth is many leaders feel stalled out, unmotivated or melancholy themselves.

Feeling down is not uncommon just after the holidays. And it is tough to get back on track after extended time off.

Gayle Lantz offers insights for leaders who want to start (or restart) strong and keep momentum going throughout the year.

She talks about the importance of building personal strength to help leaders start the New Year, a new project or new role with the extra energy they need.

Challenges, setbacks and disappointments are inevitable, but leaders who take care of themselves can care better for others. Being able to understand, accept and manage your own negative emotions is key. 

This episode covers:

  • How to restart when you need to, especially in the face of failures, setbacks or disappointment
  • The importance of fueling yourself first
  • Ways to boost and preserve your own energy
  • Five ways to keep your momentum going during your toughest experiences

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