Let It Go: Top 10 List for Leaders

As you think about the New Year, you’ve probably set some new goals or big dreams about what you want to accomplish. But to be most successful, you’ll need to let go of some things first.

Gayle Lantz offers leaders a “Top 10 List of Things to Let Go Of” to help them prepare for the year ahead. 

Leaders can’t add more goals or to-do’s without letting go of what they need to in the process.

Letting go can be challenging, but it ultimately helps leaders gain more clarity, confidence and strength to achieve what is most important going forward.

You must let go of what pulls you down…whatever drains or depletes your energy. It’s a first step to attract what you truly want and to make the New Year your best year yet.

So the question to ponder is “What will you let go of?”

This episode covers:

 Top 10 List of Things to Let Go Of for Leaders

  • Toxic people
  • Draining groups or organizations 
  • Procrastinated projects
  • Unhealthy needs (e.g., need to please, need to prove, need to be right, etc.) 
  • Identity that doesn’t work
  • Physical clutter
  • Regret about decisions 
  • Mediocre goals
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out 
  • Untrue stories 

Committing to letting go in just one of the areas can make a big difference.

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