How to Pursue What’s Next for You Now

“What’s next?” That’s a common question to think about at the end of the year. And many people fall into the trap of simply pursuing some variation of “more of the same.”

But those who want to move forward in new ways must think differently. They realize that who they are and what they want now may be different compared to the past.

The “pandemic experience” over the last couple of years has made a lot of people rethink what they truly want in their life and work.

Gayle Lantz offers insights and advice for leaders who are serious about pursuing what they really want based on who they are now.

This episode is especially relevant for leaders who have reached some kind of major milestone or turning point in their life, work or business.

This episode covers:

  • How to think about the process of pursuing what you want now
  • Why you might need to undo an old identify that no longer fits you
  • How to have productive conversations that help you gain momentum toward your goals
  • The idea of following an inspired path versus a logical path


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