How to Reinvent Your Life and Work

If you’re ready to reinvent your life or work, now may be your time. With the New Year ahead, a lot of people are thinking about their life, work, relationships, what really matters to them. 

Gayle Lantz offers ideas to consider for people who are ready (or even just thinking about) some kind of life or work reinvention. She argues the process does not have to be a difficult as you might think.

Whether you are seeking some kind of change, transformation or reinvention, this episode will prompt your thinking and help you accelerate your progress.

This episode covers:

  • Questions to ask yourself as you head into the New Year
  • How to think about personal reinvention. Assessing your level or readiness.
  • External and internal forces that drive reinvention
  • Five thoughts that hold you back or prevent you from making needed change
  • The importance of personal truth–being who you really are and going for what you really want



The Life Work Planning Workbook: Get What You Really Want in Your Life and Work

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