Leading Edge Leadership: How to Win Your Own Race

Growth-minded leaders take risks and continue to push past their limits. That’s what it takes to lead on the leading edge. 

Gayle Lantz shares leadership insights inspired by the Netfix Series: Tour de France: Unchained — a series that captures highlights from teams competing in the world’s most grueling bike race.

As Gayle explains, “You push past your limits not just with brute strength, muscle and hard work, but by shifting how you see yourself and what you think you’re potentially capable of.”

She talks about seemingly contradictory ideas that drive leading edge leadership. 

The episode challenges leaders to consider their own “race” as on ongoing journey to make the most of their lives and to stay true to what’s most important in their lives. Ultimately winning your own race is actually a team sport.

This episode covers:

  • 5 paradoxical truths related to leading edge leadership
    • Leaders must know when to sprint and when to rest.
    • Leaders must create freedom and use constraints.
    • Leaders must surround themselves with people who can push them and make the work easier.
    • Leaders must be laser focused and be aware of, and appreciate, their surroundings.
    • Leaders must know their limits and push past them.
  • Questions to prompt good leadership thinking
  • The challenge to become unchained to live your best life


Netflix Series: Tour de France: Unchained

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