Finding New Inspiration to Fuel Your Life and Work

I hear a lot of people talking about how uninspired they feel at work lately. Maybe it’s the extreme heat of the summer or the natural lethargy that occurs when you need a vacation.

But it could be something deeper. 

If you’re like many leaders I know, you’ve been doing work that now feels stale. Maybe you’re sticking to what you know and are good at. You may feel frustrated, overwhelmed or even purposeless.

Sometimes when people feel uninspired by their work, they feel like they have to find new work or “something” that inspires them. It’s like they’re on a search for a cure.

The truth is, you must be inspired first. 

I’ve been enjoying reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin. It especially appeals to people who consider themselves to be creative…although everyone is creative. He suggests the idea that we must be inspired first to fuel our work. 

I agree. 

And I think leaders need an extra dose given the challenges they face. 

How are you approaching your day when you wake up? Do you wake up expecting to climb a mud hill? If so, try expecting to be inspired instead. You might be surprised when you feel little inklings of inspiration.

Consider how you’ve changed and where you are now. What inspired you in the past may be different now.

With everything continuing to change and flow, including ourselves, tuning into inspiration that’s already all around you is the best way to discover the NEW inspiration you really need.

I share thoughts on becoming more receptive to inspiration in this episode. I hope it helps you feel more inspired to fuel your life and work. 

It’s your time to launch!

This episode covers:

  • Inspiration as rocket fuel that powers work
  • Creating an expectation to be inspired
  • Giving yourself more breathing space
  • Experiencing more variety in your life (Varying your inputs)
  • Noticing the small signs of inspiration
  • Staying in the flow of inspiration

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