How to Stop the Busyness That Leads to Burnout

Is busyness putting you on the path to burnout? As Henry David Thoreau said: “It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: ‘What are we busy about?’” 

Many CEOs feel like they have to be working 24/7. It’s frustrating to get through the day and wonder what you’ve really accomplished. 

Gayle Lantz explores the topic of busyness as it relates to CEOs and those they lead.

Executives are at high risk for burnout if they are working too much and feeling pressure to “be busy.” 

“Busy” is a catch-all word that encompasses a lot of the work you do during a day. But it can also mask feelings you don’t want to confront. 

Although constant busyness is socially acceptable, it can be damaging to you and your organization unless you understand it and what you can do differently.

The goal is not to fill your calendar full each day. It’s to live a fulfilling life.

This episode covers:

  • Why busyness is such an issue for executives 
  • Insights about busyness
  • What executives can do when they feel like they are on the path to burnout
  • How leaders can help team members who are “too busy”
  • The importance of embracing idleness
  • Good leadership questions to ask

It offers hope and encouragement for leaders who are stuck in the busyness trap and want to get out.


Beware a Culture of Busyness by Adam Waytz (Harvard Business Review March-April 2023)

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