How To Stop Ruminating About Your Problem

Almost any executive has to deal with extremely stressful issues and it’s easy to ruminate about fears, concerns or frustrations.

But ruminating is unproductive and personally exhausting. 

Leaders who know how to stop ruminating and focus on what really matters grow themselves and their business more easily.

Gayle Lantz offers insights on what leaders can do when experiencing difficult situations or negative emotions that keep them stuck in their heads.

She encourages listeners to get a higher level view so they keep problems in perspective. She stresses the importance of having realistic expectations about shifting negative thoughts that have gained momentum over time. Leaders who are ruminating must be easier on themselves.

Gayle says, “Often the most negative experiences can push you to a higher place…a higher level of thinking, higher level of awareness, higher level of growth/maturity, higher level of performance, higher level of energy.”

This episode covers:

  • Four key reasons leaders ruminate and what to do instead
  • Good questions to ask to shift out of negative focus
  • The opportunity for personal growth in the most difficult experiences
  • What you can turn to when you get stuck in your head (Decide what will be your guide)
  • The power of ruminating about what you appreciate

This episode is especially relevant for any leader who would like to deal more effectively with negative thoughts that hold them back in some way.

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