How to Find the Hidden Money in Supply Chain

Supply chain has been in the news a lot lately. Our economy depends on supply chain, and it’s a vital part of every business.

Clearly there are a lot of supply chain challenges and inefficiencies that are tough to tackle.

But leaders have opportunity to bring about needed change when they understand and apply the 24 Essential Supply Chain Processes

Gayle interviews Supply chain experts, Cathy Fisher and Terry Onica, who specialize in the automotive industry. They talk about finding the hidden money in the supply chain.

About Cathy Fisher:

Cathy Fisher is founder and president of Quistem LLC. She has over 35 years of respected expertise in the automotive industry…helping manufacturers throughout the automotive supply chain “find hidden money” in their operations, eliminate customer complaints permanently and develop a proactive quality culture to achieve rapid business growth.

Cathy has worked with over 80 of the top 100 global OEM suppliers as well as throughout the automotive supply chain, helping these organizations turn their management systems into “money-making machines” while providing best-in-class quality and continuously enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Her approach to developing a proactive quality culture has been described as “a license to print money” in their design and manufacturing operations.

About Terry Onica:

Terry Onica is Director of Automotive at QAD, Terry is responsible for global marketing activities which includes strategy and positioning, product and offering, people and knowledge, and field and sales marketing support for the automotive vertical. Terry works with customers to drive best practices and earn preferred supplier status. 

Prior to joining her organization, Terry worked at GM, Ford, and Johnson Controls. She is a mentor at Wayne State University for Supply Chain students who will be first-generation graduates. 

Cathy and Terry host the podcast, Auto Supply Chain Prophets. They offer the 24 Essential Supply Chain Processes as a resource.

This episode covers:

  • People, processes and technology related to supply chain
  • The real root cause of supply chain issues and where leaders are missing the mark
  • The importance of valuing the roles of people in supply chain
  • The need to break down silos between tech and supply chain
  • Why your business should be like Amazon
  • Leadership tips for supply chain leaders
  • The outlook for supply chain

This episode is appropriate for any leader in supply chain and/or any executive who might benefit by learning more about supply chain issues and the impact on the bottom line on the business. 

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