The Surprising Truth About Well-Being at Work

Well-being is a hot topic today, especially given high stress on the job and daily pressures in life. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about what keeps people from having the well-being they desire.

But research shows that the real problem may not be what people think.

Gayle Lantz explores the topic of “well-being” with Dr. Katherine Meese who shares surprising research findings to help leaders better understand well-being and what they can do to foster well-being in themselves and others.

One key is having enough resources to meet the demands of the job.

This episode covers:

  • Different aspects of “well-being” (e.g., emotional well-being, psychological well-being, intellectual well-being, occupational well-being, spiritual well-being)
  • Surprising research findings 
  • Predictors of distress: lack of autonomy, lack of trust, lack of sense of belonging and not feeling valued
  • What leaders can do to foster and measure well-being
  • Tips for increasing personal well-being

Dr. Katherine Meese is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Services Administration at UAB the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She also serves as the Director of Wellness Research in the UAB Medicine Office of Wellness. Katherine has several years of industry experience encompassing work in ten countries on four continents, including management for a large academic medical center. 

Her work has been published in a variety of industry publications and journals. Her research interests are in well-being, burnout, team performance, quality and safety, and delivery models that enhance organizational learning. 


Katherine Meese, PhD.

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