How to Be Most Productive Based on Your Work From Home Style

Many people are frustrated working from home. The adjustment has been more difficult for some than others.

Leaders are especially challenged — trying to figure out best ways to engage their teams virtually.

But team members have different communications styles. What works for one person might backfire for another.

The good news: Many people are learning how to be most productive based on their unique communication style.

And they’re gaining insights about their team members, friends and family members as well.

Some examples:

  • If you’re working with someone who has a DIRECT style, provide written correspondence with direct answers to questions and use concise bullet points.
  • When working with someone who has an OUTGOING style, use video communication whenever possible — this will make them feel more connected.
  • If in conversation with someone who has a DYNAMIC style, leave time to think out loud during virtual meetings.
  • If a co-worker has a COMPLIANT style, focus on facts as opposed to emotions.

Fortunately, there is no good or bad style.

We are who we are.

The key is understanding your working from home style and how to leverage it.

During a time when you might feel like you can’t get much done, increasing self-awareness is one of the best actions you can take.

That’s why I’m providing this useful assessment to help you discover your unique style.

It’s free. And you’ll get results instantly.

Hope it helps.

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