Are You Ready for the C-Suite?

How would you rate yourself as a leader?

As a current or aspiring C-level executive, you’ve probably worked with a variety of leaders over the years—some better than others.

If you’re like many executives who have risen through the ranks, it’s likely you’ve taken some kind of assessment along the way that gives you feedback about different aspects of your leadership skills.

It’s easy to get sucked into the self-analysis trap–becoming overly concerned about how you “score” in some areas or how others may perceive you. You may become dangerously self-conscious, questioning if you really have what it takes to lead at a high level.

Self-awareness is critical to be an effective leader, but increasing awareness about issues outside of yourself is just as important.

You need a higher level view—a bigger picture.

Broaden your understanding about key issues and emerging trends that drive the business. Learn more about business strategy, culture and how to create a compelling vision. Talk with other leaders you admire.

Take responsibility for your own learning. Don’t wait for your organization to provide just the right training or coaching program.

Attend conferences, workshops or other events that help you increase your leadership effectiveness. Join an executive peer group, think tank or mastermind group.

Learn more about yourself as a leader and actively broaden your knowledge about the world around you.

Be ready for the C-Suite by being ready to continue your learning.

You may arrive at a new level, but the learning never ends.

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