How to Be More Bold When Stakes Are High

You don’t have to be Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos to be a bold leader. But you do need to consider ways to take more risks when you want to achieve a big goal.

Today’s times are calling for leaders to be more confident and courageous.

Gayle Lantz shares lessons learned based on her own experiences when being bold was important. She encourages leaders to be more bold when something they care about is at stake.

Boldness is relative, so leaders must consider to what degree they need to be more confident and courageous. And how to go about it in their own unique way.

Becoming more bold is part of the leadership journey.

The leadership insights are especially relevant to any leader who may be holding themselves back in some way.

This episode covers:

  • Why being bold matters
  • Prompting questions to help leaders be more bold when needed
  • Misconceptions about being bold
  • One key question to help prepare for any outcome

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