Growing Yourself as a Leader the “Write” Way

Leaders and writers have much in common. They must overcome doubts, fears and anxiety to make the impact they really want to make.

Some worry about being criticized. They feel like they have imposter syndrome and can’t get the message just right.

But there are ways to build confidence and clarity through simple writing practices.

Even leaders who don’t like to write can learn much from seeing their thoughts and words on paper. The clarity that can come through writing down thoughts can help you gain needed insight and achieve new heights.

Gayle Lantz shares highlights from her recent experience at a writing retreat called A Writing Room that was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She gives writing prompts to help leaders think–to go deeper about when they are at their best and what they really want.

The “write” way to grow yourself as a leader is powerful. It requires taking the time to capture your thoughts, reflect and get feedback, much like good writers do.

This episode covers:

  • Similarities between leaders and writers
  • Prioritizing the WHO over the HOW
  • The practice of “morning pages”
  • Declaring the type of leader you are
  • Being clear about what you hope to gain through your leadership experience


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