Bursting Your Bubble: When It’s Time to See the Truth

Sometimes in life, we need a reality check. Our views and expectations don’t always match up with the facts. This is when it helps to “burst your own bubble” and see things as they really are.

In this episode, Gayle Lantz explores why it’s important for leaders to periodically re-examine their perspectives. She discusses personal and organizational “bubbles” that may need bursting when optimism blinds us to harsh truths.

How do you know when your bubble needs bursting? What are the telltale signs you might be ignoring? Gayle offers thought-provoking questions to help leaders gain self-awareness.

Learn constructive ways to respond when someone bursts your bubble. Discover how to balance visionary thinking with seeing reality or difficult truths.

Could one of your bubbles be ripe for bursting? 

Tune in to gain insight around this common leadership challenge.

This episode covers:

  • Different types of “bubbles” (personal and organizational) 
  • Why it’s important to burst your own bubble at times
  • How to help others see the truth of a situation or problem (burst their bubble)
  • Seven ways to respond well when someone else bursts your bubble
  • The benefit of creating bubbles despite the risk of become disillusioned

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