Getting Out of a Slump

Many people easily fall into a January slump. The holidays have faded, the weather is gloomy and there’s a general melancholy that seems to be in the air.

However, a slump can happen at any time.

Leaders have extra pressure to get out a slump quickly when it happens. It’s their job to keep everyone else going and to be a positive influence.

Gayle Lantz goes beyond the common advice typically given to people who experience a slump. She offers useful ideas to help overcome it–whether you’re in a slump yourself or you want to help other people through theirs.

She reminds listeners that a slump is simply a sign that something needs to change.

It’s not a reflection on who you are as a person.

This episode covers:

  • Why typical advice given to “get out of a slump” is not enough
  • Three key questions to prompt ideas about how to move through a slump more easily
  • The importance of seeking diverse perspectives when you’re in a slump
  • Seeing a slump as an invitation to start something new–to expand instead of retreat


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